Formula 6

Created this today when working on my testing book. 

I’m trying to find a cure for recurring anxiety.  I think the answer lies not in drink or drugs, but in words somehow. 

This is one of the formulas I’ve created for myself to read in times when I feel tested.  Consider this post as me putting it into clinical trials.

Formula 6:

Though this may seem a troubled sphere
And worry may have brought you here
The facts have yet to be made clear
Before you know which way to steer
You’re tweaked, you’re scared, you’re out of grace
You’re feeling mostly out-of-place
This happens in the Human race
These times when life is hard to face
You’ve either failed or out of luck
You’re in a loop, severely stuck
Or feeling you’ve been lightning-struck
Or waiting for the firetruck
You’re scared of what would surely come
You’re feeling like a no good bum
Or maybe that you’re feeling dumb
And more askew than perfect plumb
You breathe, you drink, you take that pill
But nothing works to cure your ill
The vexing problem lingers still
To test your heart and mind and will
But wait, I may have just the fix
To cope with this life’s many tricks
I’ve added substance to the mix
And called this dose Formula 6
Inside these words, line after line
You may just see the Great Divine
Or maybe not, but you’ll be fine
Just read the words before your wine
If you don’t know which way is best
Just say “Time out. This is a test.”
The council who has seemed at rest
Will show up as you’re feeling stressed
You’ll hear them if you listen close
They may be terse, maybe verbose
If all you feel is more morose
Wait 30 seconds for the dose
In lifetimes past your council met
You know us well, and that’s a bet
A deal was made that you’d forget
We’d be right there to stop your fret
You planned this out before you came
Before your life, before your name
You may just think that’s pretty lame
But simple truth is: life’s a game
I serve for you, as Council’s eyes
Believe as truth or believe as lies
You hired me in this disguise
Some call us God, but we’re Surprise
Life’s tests are meant for us to see
Might who you are, might who you’ll be
You told me this and trusted me
To answer when you gave a plea
“Time out” you say, and we obey
To help which card you’d like to play
The next thing that you have to say
Is call “Time In” and go your way


3 Responses to “Formula 6”

  1. Ruth Nofchissey Says:

    i love that! Some people complain about every step of life and others go mountain climbing for fun. If we gave ourselves the challenges we face- why? To experience the “joy of overcoming”.

    How- given the severity of many of life’s obstacles-and the uncertain effects of our efforts-can we be sure of fulfilling the one mission we all have- to be absolutely happy in spite of our changing environment?

    We can not control other people or circumstances directly with great success. However, we can change our own life condition and because of a Buddhist concept called Shiki Shin Funi – the oneness of self and environment- we can change circumstances which are seemingly outside of ourselves.

    The Budda-that is you -likes to laugh.

  2. Gergely Says:

    This is simply brilliant Jon! I love it and i will memorize it and recite it to anyone who every i meet who is on bad mood. This is just perfect!!

  3. Zeger Van Hese Says:

    In a strange way, this reminded me of the poem “Last thoughts on Woodie Guthrie” by Bob Dylan, which has also helped me in times when I was feeling tested.

    He recited this at the town hall in New York city in 1963:

    — Zeger

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